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Dance and Music Club

Aims & Objectives of Music :


  • To impart training mainly in the field of dance.
  • To inculcate Indian value of life amongst the masses more particularly the younger generation through the Guru Shishya parampara-leading to direct interaction of the teacher and the students, making the relation special and personal.
  • The purpose of training is not only to produce talented artists but also to pass to on the true Indian culture and values amongst the students as well as their family members and to society at large.
  • To cultivate and enhance the interest in dance and other performing arts high lighting that they are not only the medium of entertainment but also a medium for proper channelization of emotions as this plays a vital role in determining the quality of life.
  • To produce or arrange for productions and choreographies for presentation in various festivals programmers and communication media.
  • To work for development and advancement of dance music to set up and develop educational technical knowledge about dance.
  • Music is a unique way of communicating that can inspire and motivate children.
  • It is a vehicle for personal expression and it can play an important part in the personal development of people.
  • Music can also be a highly academic and demanding subject.
  • We provide opportunities for all children to eruct play perform and enjoy music to develop the skill to depreciate a wide variety of musical forms and to begin to make judgments about the quality of music.
  • To know and understand how sounds are made and then organized into musical structures.
  • To know how music is made and through a variety of instruments.
  • To know how music is composed and written down.
  • Develop the integrated skill of performing composing and appreciating music.

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