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Science and Nature Clubs

Aim & Objectives:

  • To develop Proper incentive and inspiration for the pursuit scientific knowledge in rigorous way by broadening their scientific outlook.
  • To develop among the student the spirit and attitude of healthy competition for the individual and social cause.
  • To help students in imbibing the habit of self reliance, self dependence and love for manual work.
  • To provide opportunity for the development of the constructive, explorative, inventive faculties of the students
  • To make students understand the values of time and to help them in the proper utilization of their hours.
  • To grate interest in latest inventions and discoveries of science in various fields and to get acquainted with the life history and contributions of great scientists.
  • To develop students interest and participation in the practical application of the knowledge related to different branches of science.
  • To grate interest in scientific facts and events related to ones surroundings an nature.
  • To develop training in scientific method of problem sowing.
  • To inculcate scientific attitude and provide opportunities for training in scientific method.
  • To develop interest in scientific hobbies.
  • To encourage individual and group activities.
  • To develop in children a sense of healthy competitions.
  • To make students science minded.
  • To stimulate active participation and initiative among students in the learning process.
  • To keep the students in touch with the recent advance in science.
  • To provide challenging opportunities.
  • To provide problem solving attitude.
  • To provide a highly engaging environment to improve and enhance students understanding in science through various activities and experiments.

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