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Ms. Vandana Harish Pawar
(I/c Headmistress)

Welcome to our website here at K. K. Wagh English School, Chandori. Truly speaking K. K. Wagh English School, Chandori needs no introduction. The name itself explains its significance. Being a branch of K. K. Wagh Education Society, we believe in "Deeds" and not in "Words". Our school may not look Huge and Gigantic but for sure the education imparted here is not compromised.
Our school is a school following the State Board and offering a dynamic and all rounded learning environment for our students from Kindergarten to class 10th Apart from the academic excellence, school inculcates in the students the right moral values with good character so that they become the able global citizens with a flavour of Indian amongst them. Also the school pledges not to make its children apprehensive of their limitations; instead we encourage them to discover their own potentials and develop our "Total learning Environment".
In today's world, where education has become competitive, one can become carefree when ones child is admitted in K. K. Wagh English School, Chandori. Once the child completes the school education, then sky is the limit.

Meet Our Teachers

Primary Staff

Sr. No Photo Name of the Members Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Ganesh Nivrutti Bhagare Sports Teacher B.com, M. P. Ed.
2 Mrs.Sangita Vishal More Assistant Teacher M.A.(Marathi),B.Ed.
3 Mrs.Vaishali Ramdas Bairagi Assistant Teacher H.S.C., D.Ed
4 Ms.Renuka Ambadas Muthal Assistant Teacher M.Sc.(Maths), B.Ed.
5 Ms. Priyanka Vilas Lonare Assistant Teacher B. A., D. Ed.
6 Ms.Dipali Ashok Sangamnere Computer Teacher B.Sc(Computer Science)
7 Ms. Sonali Rahul Bagaskar Assistant Teacher B.sc., B.Ed. M. A.
8 Ms.Bhavana Patil Assistant Teacher B. A. , D.T.Ed
9 Ms. Rani Dinkar Revgade Assistant Teacher M. A. B.Ed. D.TEd.
10 Ms. Deepali Jitendra Gaware Assistant Teacher M.A. B.Ed
11 Ms.Monika Ramdas Khairnar Drawing Teacher H.S.C ,A.T.D,I.D
12 Mrs.Sarika Ravindra Hingmire Assistant Teacher M.A.(Hindi),B.Ed.

Pre-primary Staff

Sr. No Photo Name of the Members Designation Qualification
1 Ms. Manisha Vitthal Baviskar Assistant Teacher B. A. B. Ed. Montessori
2 Ms.Priyanka Balasaheb Handge Assistant Teacher M.Com ,Montessori
3 Ms.Archana Dagu Mogal Assistant Teacher B.A.,B.Ed

Non-Teaching Staff

Sr. No Photo Name of the Members Designation Qualification

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