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Heritage Club

Aims :


  • Enable students to learn through discussion, class presentation and project work.
  • Share their knowledge through interactive sessions on Indian history and culture.
  • To Become lively interactions devoted to learning about interrogating and reflecting upon our society.
  • Knowing language food habits & festivals the state.
  • Brief introduction about the activities of the Heritage club.
  • Knowing of ancient India.
  • Discussion on world Heritage sites.
  • Knowing your city.
  • Knowing about Masseurs.
  • Creating awareness and a sense of belonging among students.
  • Reflecting upon our society.

Objectives of the Heritage Club :


  • To understand who & what we are.
  • To care for the past so as to create a better future.
  • To value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture.
  • To take pride in the unique diversity of India’s cultural identity.
  • To give an exciting dimension to learning.

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